Management & Monitoring

Once High Conservation Values (HCVs) have been identified, they must be managed and monitored to ensure they are maintained or enhanced over time.

Sustainable Development Goal 15 – Life on Land

Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

How and if High Conservation Values are maintained is relevant to a wide range of actors with different interests and needs.

Local communities and crop growers want to manage HCVs effectively.
Assessing compliance and impacts is essential for certification schemes.

Stakeholders in jurisdictions and landscapes harbouring are interested in identifying priorities and monitoring and reporting on their sustainability objectives. The financial sector must verify the long-term impacts of their investments on environmental and social values.

To address these diverse interests and needs, the HCV Network Secretariat is working on:

  • Expanding our offering of guidance and practical tools for growers, communities, and others to manage and monitor HCVs.
  • Developing standard HCV monitoring and reporting systems, to improve consistency and transparency on actions to protect HCVs and report on sustainability impacts.

Tools & Learning

A range of tools and materials are available to help commodity growers develop and implement their HCV Management and Monitoring plans.

The HCV Network Secretariat can also provide in-person and online learning opportunities on HCV Management and Monitoring.

For more information, please contact

Company Working Group

This group is a space for companies and growers to share experiences, inputs and concerns. It is also a channel to create opportunities for collaboration and identify training needs.

The topics to discuss include HCV Management and Monitoring and risk-based approaches.

If you are a company or a grower interested in joining this group, please contact

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