We protect people and nature

For twenty years, our methodology has identified and protected nature and the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and local communities from the impacts of land-use change.

Many areas designated for development are home to indigenous peoples and local communities, rare, threatened or endangered species, vital resources, and ecosystems such as forests.

What we do


Land-use planning

Protecting 30% of the planet by 2030 requires balancing social, economic, and environmental agendas in production landscapes. Our unique methodology supports land-use planning by identifying High Conservation Values that may be at risk from land-use change, guiding responsible development, defining what protection could mean in those contexts, and motivating producers to become drivers of local actions for protecting nature.


Provide solutions

We help users identify, manage and monitor High Conservation Values (HCVs) in current or potential future development sites. Our tools are globally applicable, work across a wide range of scales (landscapes or jurisdictions, farms, plantations, management units, smallholdings), ecosystems (from forests to grasslands and aquatic systems) and productive systems (agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, other).


Bring users together

Our Network brings together the world's most influential NGOs, producers, supply chain companies, technical service providers and voluntary sustainability standards. Through knowledge exchange and collaboration our Members act as stewards of our methodology, and ensure it is robustly applied globally.


Get Involved

The Network is always looking for partners who are interested in supporting our work, for talented professionals who can join the growing Secretariat team, and for professionals who can lead assessments globally.

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