The HCV Network Secretariat has worked in collaboration with ALS staff, Quality Panel members (QP), and Licensed Assessors to produce an updated HCV Assessment Manual and reporting templates.

The first edition of the HCV Assessment Manual was published in 2014, with the launch of the ALS. Since then, all stakeholders (assessors, Quality Panel members, ALS staff) have gained experience on how report evaluation works in practice. Building on this experience and the fact that in December 2018, the HCV Network launched a new website and ALS web platform for report evaluation – it was necessary to update the manual and templates.

In October 2018, HCV staff shared a draft version of this manual with ALS, QP and Assessors for comments, which were received and addressed. The objective is to work on further improvements to the new manual as it is used in practice.

Photo credit: Anahi Martinez

Below the links to the new documents:

HCV Assessment Manual 

HCV Assessment report template with guidance 

HCV Assessment report public summary template with guidance 

Upon publication of this manual and the accompanying reporting templates and their guidance, any HCV assessments beginning after the publication of the new documents, must use the new manual and templates.

However, the ALS recognises that there are several HCV assessments currently underway at various stages of progress. Therefore, on-going assessments may still be submitted to the ALS for evaluation using the old (2014) manual and reporting templates until 1 August 2019. From 1 August 2019 all HCV assessment reports must be submitted to ALS following the new manual and templates.

In April HCV Secretariat will hold webinars to introduce assessors to the new manual and templates.

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