20 June 2019

Better Cotton Initiative is the most recent Member to join the HCV Network

Better Cotton Initiative just joined the HCV Network as a Member, we look forward to collaborate with them !

“We are very happy to be strengthening our partnership with the HCV Network to drive biodiversity conservation” —says Gregory Jean, Standard and Learning Manager at Better Cotton Initiative.

We are delighted to welcome our newest Member to the Network, Better Cotton Initiative. Earlier this month we entered into a reciprocal agreement, meaning that the HCV Network is also a Member of BCI. The agreement and reciprocal membership follows on from a really productive last few years during the revision of the Better Cotton Standard. Collectively we developed innovative yet simple approaches to introduce the High Conservation Value Approach and effective Biodiversity Management tools into the Better Cotton Standard, specifically designed with smallholder farmers in mind.

After recently accompanying BCI to train Implementing Partners in India, Saleena Pookunju, BCI’s Senior Programme Coordinator gave us this positive feedback, “Biodiversity, with the many newly added indicators in V 2.0 of Better Cotton Principles and Criteria, was a grey area for many of our Implementing Partners in India. Training conducted by Olivia with a focused approach on on-farm and off-farm focal habitat mapping helped our IPs grasp the concept of habitats and mapping. The medal approach devised by HCV Resource Network is easily understandable and highly adaptable to the local context, and is helping our IPs assess where their project area stands in terms of biodiversity. The focal habitat checklist associated with the medal approach is a very practical and effective tool which not only helps our farmers assess where their farms stand in terms of biodiversity, but also provides them directions to take, to protect and enhance biodiversity. BCI India team is extremely grateful to Olivia and HCV Resource Network for the support they provided us here.”

We look forward to continue supporting BCI as the Standard moves into full implementation.


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