01 February 2016

Training for RSPO Certification Bodies and HCV assessors in Indonesia

Last January, in Bandung, Indonesia, the HCVRN conducted training sessions on how the HCV concept is used in the RSPO standard

On January 19th and 20th 2016, the HCV Resource Network ran training sessions for RSPO auditors and for Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS) licensed HCV assessors in Bandung, Indonesia.

On January 19th, the HCVN Secretariat conducted a two-hour session on how the HCV concept is used in the RSPO standard including a practical exercise on how to consider HCV issues during certification and surveillance audits. We also discussed the HCV-related requirements in the newly released RSPO New Plantings Procedure (NPP).

On January 20th, the Secretariat held a half-day session with licensed assessors, including sessions on HCV requirements of the updated RSPO New Plantings Procedure and on key issues for HCV reports to pass the ALS Quality Panel evaluation. Participants then had an opportunity to provide feedback on the functioning of the ALS which will contribute to the 2016 review of the ALS. Overall it was an excellent opportunity for exchange between assessors, auditors, the HCVN and the RSPO.


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