As of March 7th, the HCV Resource Network Secretariat is a Founding Member of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR). GPSNR’s first General Assembly was held in Singapore on March 21st and Mr. Arie Soetjiadi was our representative. Arie was part of the inaugural event and voted for the three motions proposed in the event’s agenda.

We would like to congratulate HCVRN Members WWF and Rainforest Alliance for being elected as members of the GPSNR Executive Committee.

The HCVRN Secretariat will be participating in the Strategy and Objective Working Group as one of the twelve principles for sustainable natural rubber includes the maintenance of High Conservation Values. We hope that our continued engagement within the GPSNR will strentghen our mutual alignment and vision of making sustainability the norm and in ensuring that the HCV Approach is applied adequately and consistently by the rubber sector.

For more information about the GPSNR click here.

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