Since 2013, the HCV Network and the HCS Approach Steering Group have collaborated to develop guidance on how to identify HCVs alongside HCS forests

The High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach was initially developed by the palm oil company Golden-Agri Resources Ltd (GAR), Greenpeace and The Forest Trust (TFT – now Earthworm) in 2013 to help companies implement no-deforestation commitments in practice. The methodology informs land development by separating HCS forests from non-HCS forests. In practice, the HCV and HCS approaches overlap substantially, this is why the HCV Network and the HCS Approach Steering Group and Secretariat have engaged in a fruitful collaboration since 2013. Since 2014, the HCV Network participates in the HCSA working groups and in 2017 the HCV-HCSA Assesment Manual was published. HCV Network’s Assessor Licensing Scheme conducts the quality assurance of integrated HCV-HCSA assessments.

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