HCV Network has released a new guidance document and methodology for using the HCV approach in landscape and jurisdictional settings. This guide was developed in collaboration with Network Members and HCV experts and with support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


You can download the Executive Summary and the Full Guide from our website. HCV Screening assesses the likelihood that HCVs are present in a landscape or jurisdiction, considers threats to those HCVs and indicates which values are most urgent to attend to with follow-up actions and interventions. HCV Screening can contribute to land use planning and identification of risks in supply chains and it can support and simplify site-level HCV assessments. The HCV Network is forming a community of practitioners who will be piloting the new methodology in different contexts and countries.

Jurisdictional and landscape approaches to sustainable production and/or certification are gaining momentum as an alternative and complement to approaches which focus on individual management units. These approaches are typically public-private collaborations that aim to align governments, businesses, NGOs, local people and other stakeholders around shared goals of sustainable production, conservation of nature and secure livelihoods.

For more information about this project contact Ellen Watson at ellen@hcvnetwork.org