Together with project partner and member GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation), the HCV Network is developing guidelines for the robust application of the HCV Approach at the jurisdictional and landscape scales.

Jurisdictional and landscape approaches to sustainable production and/or certification are gaining momentum as an alternative to existing approaches which focus on small-scale management units. These approaches are typically public-private collaborations that aim to align governments, businesses, NGOs and other stakeholders around shared goals of sustainable production and protection of nature and local people. With the objective of developing sustainable sourcing regions for companies, HCVRN Member GIZ operates jurisdictional-scale pilot projects in two regions: the San Pedro region in Cotê d’Ivoire, and the Kapuas Hulu region in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Using these pilot regions for field-testing, GIZ and the HCV Network are developing global guidance for identifying, managing and monitoring HCVs at landscape and jurisdictional scales.

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