HCV Screening: Guidance for identifying and prioritising action for HCVs in jurisdictional and landscape settings 

This document describes a methodology called High Conservation Value (HCV) screening. HCV screening is a desktop exercise that uses the six HCV definitions to characterise the environmental and social aspects of a landscape or jurisdiction. Screening considers: the likelihood that HCVs are present, identifies threats to those HCVs and indicates which values are most at risk. This guidance was first published in April 2019. In 2020 the guidance was updated to incorporate learning and experience from HCVN-coordinated screenings and inputs from other practitioners. HCV screening teams are the primary audience for the document, but it should also be informative for stakeholders involved in screening processes and for those involved in the wider project or initiative in which a screening is being conducted (e.g. government technical staff, NGOs, donors and investors).

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