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This is where you can search for our Charter, reports, HCV National Interpretations, manuals, guidance and Asssessor Licensing Scheme normative documents, among other.


hcv network’s

This is where you can search for our Charter, reports, HCV National Interpretations, manuals, guidance and Asssessor Licensing Scheme normative documents, among other.

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Forest Dynamics Paper

Natural forest dynamics and regeneration patterns are moulded by natural disturbance regimes. These determine fundamental characteristics like forest structure, tree species composition and patterns of forest succession over time. Over the last decades, foresters have begun to take account of such regimes, and to some extent emulate their outcomes, as exemplified by various retention practises […]

Common Guidance for the Identification of HCV

A good practice guide for identifying HCVs across different ecosystems and production systems developed by the HCVRN. This document is intended primarily for HCV assessors, resource managers, and auditors. It provides guidance on the interpretation of the HCV definitions and their identification in practice, to achieve standardization in use of the HCV approach. The document […]

Common Guidance for the Management and Monitoring of HCV

A good practice guide for the adaptive management of HCVs developed by the HCVRN. This document provides general guidance for the management and monitoring of HCVs. It builds on earlier guidance documents produced by Proforest (2008 a and b), a working paper by Timothy Synnott (2012), and on consultation with HCV experts and interested stakeholders. […]

Recommendations to improve the Identification, Management and Monitoring of HCV 5 and 6

This report is a summary of the findings of a multi-stakeholder workshop that aimed to identify the challenges and recommendations for improving the identification, management and monitoring of High Conservation Values 5 & 6.

HCV Threat Monitoring Protocol

This HCV Threat Monitoring Protocol was designed and field trialled by The Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) Biodiversity and Palm Oil Project in Indonesia to standardise the monitoring of anthropogenic threats to High Conservation Value (HCV) areas within oil palm landscapes.

Handbook for conserving HCV species and habitats within oil palm landscapes

The aim of this handbook is to provide practitioners responsible for conserving HCV species and habitats within oil palm concessions with the necessary knowledge, understanding and practical examples of how this can be achieved.

Guía de identificación de atributos para definir Bosques de Alto Valor de Conservación en Bolivia

Guía para los evaluadores y manejadores para la identificación de Bosques de Alto Valor de Conservación en Bolivia.

Identifying, Managing and Monitoring HCV Forests in Bulgaria

The toolkit interprets High Conservation Values (HCV) identified in the FSC’s forest management Principle Nine within the context of Bulgarian conditions and has created specific HCVs appropriate within the country.

Toolkit of HCV process for SLIMFs in Cameroon

Draft 1 of a toolkit aimed at setting up standards and processes for monitoring and managing High Conservation Values in Cameroon’s Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests.

HCVF Support Document Canada

This document has two main parts. An introductory section discusses overarching topics applicable to all or most of the High Conservation Value Forest assessment process. The remainder of the document is arranged by the 6 principal HCVF categories and 19 questions established in Appendix 5 of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Canada National Boreal Standard; […]

Pautas para AVC y el Principio 9 de FSC en Chile

Las pautas han sido preparadas mediante consultas públicas, talleres, revisión bibliográfica, seminarios y aportes recibidos de especialistas, Partes Interesadas (PI) y el Comité Técnico de Forest Stewardship Council-Chile, y están destinadas a los evaluadores de AVC, encargados del manejo forestal, auditores y PI. Proporcionan una guía conceptual y práctica para trabajar los AVC y estandariza […]

Use of the HCV Framework in China

High Conservation Value (HCV) guidance document for forest managers in the context of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification in China.

Forêts de Haute Valeur pour la Conservation en RDC

Ce document résume les discussions de «l’Atelier d’interprétation nationale pour les forêts de Haute Valeur de Conservation en RDC» qui a eu lieu à Kinshasa, République Démocratique du Congo, en Février 2012, organisé par WWF-RDC et facilité par Proforest.

Guía para la Identificación y Manejo de Bosques de Alto Valor de Conservación en Ecuador 

Guía para la interpretación de AVC a nivel nacional en el contexto de la certificación forestal en Ecuador.

Une interprétation nationale des forets á HVC pour le Gabon

Interprétation du concept de Hautes Valeurs pour la Conservation (HVC) tel que définies par la ‘Boite à Outils pour les Forêts de Haute Valeur pour la Conservation (FHVC)’ (High Conservation Value Forest Toolkit) pour le Gabon.

A National Interpretation of the HCV Forest Toolkit for Ghana 

Published 2006. Interpretation of the concept of High Conservation Value Forest, as it is outlined in the High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Toolkit.

Panduan Identifikasi Kawasan Bernilai Konservasi Tinggi di Indonesia 

Panduan ini dimaksudkan sebagai suatu protokol standar dalam melakukan penilaian NKT yang dapat menjamin mutu, transparansi, dan integritas aplikasinya di Indonesia. Hal ini dilakukan terutama dengan menjelaskan tahap-tahap yang disyaratkan oleh proses penilaian NKT secara lebih jelas dan rinci, mendefinisikan hak dan kewajiban para pihak terkait, serta menyediakan Panduan dalam mengumpulkan data dan informasi yang […]

HCV National Interpretation for Liberia

This document presents the results of a national workshop held in Monrovia in July 2012 to develop a national interpretation of the global HCV toolkit.

Kit Panduan untuk Hutan Yang Tinggi Nilai Pemuliharaannya (HCVF) bagi Malaysia

Panduan kebangsaan bagi cara mengenal pasti, mengurus dan memantau Hutan Yang Tinggi Nilai Pemuliharaannya.

High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Toolkit for Malaysia

Published in 2009. National guide for identifying, managing and monitoring High Conservation Value Forests.

Annual report 2014

In 2014, approximately 9 certification schemes, 56 private sector organisations, and 12 financial institutions included High Conservation Values (HCV) as a key requirement in their principles and criteria, or their global procurement and investment policies. To help guarantee consistency in the implementation of the HCV approach accross commodities and regions, the HCV Resource Network implemented a series of […]

Annual report 2015

2015 was a busy year for the HCV Resource Network. In July the Network became legally independent from Proforest, its institutional host since 2011. Last year, the Network actively engaged with the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) Steering Group, supported efforts to implement HCV, HCS and FPIC jointly in practice and developed the Forest Integrity Assessment […]

Annual report 2016

This year’s highlights include supporting the Better Cotton Initiative in developing risk-based approaches for HCV identification, publishing the HCV Assessor Licensing Scheme two-year progress report, launching our Standards Working Group in collaboration with ISEAL and 19 sustainability standards schemes, training APP on how to conduct forest integrity assessments, publishing a study about HCV management and monitoring challenges in RSPO-certified operations, and launching an HCV-HCSA Assessment Manual for licensed […]

HCVRN Charter

HCV Resource Network Charter outlining its guiding principles.

HCV Management and Monitoring in RSPO-certified plantations

This study, commissioned by the RSPO Biodiversity and High Conservation Value Working Group (BHCV WG), investigated the challenges to effective management and monitoring of HCVs in RSPO-certified oil palm plantations and provides preliminary recommendations for addressing these challenges.

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