Due to the COVID-19 situation, many HCV and HCV-HCSA courses planned for 2020 have been postponed or cancelled.

As a temporary measure we are allowing Training Organisations to deliver fully online HCV Assessor courses, as long as certain conditions are met. We will regularly review this measure as the global situation evolves.

Please contact the training providers directly for any updates on these scheduled courses in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

ProviderCourseDate/CountryLanguageContactCourse format
ASTRAcademyHCV Lead Assessor Training Course28-30 September 2021, Sabie, South AfricaEnglishLiviu AmareiHybrid

If your organisation wants a deeper understanding of the HCV Approach or wants specific support, we can point you in the right direction. The HCV Resource Network Secretariat provides training to organisations on a range of themes, from an introduction to the HCV Approach, on tools developed by us, and training for assessors and companies.

Please complete this form if you have a training enquiry.

7 responses to “HCV Training Course calendar”

  1. Interested very much for the training since I’m the HCVFS MONITORING OFFICER OF STETTIN BAY LUMBER COMPANY.Please do send me necessary documents

  2. Hello,
    We would highly appreciate a training to the HCV approach.
    Would it be possible to arrange a conference call?
    Thank you.
    Best regards

    • Hi Theresa, we at ASTRAcademy (an HCV Assessor training provider) are organizing regularly courses around the world. It is a rather limited number of courses (about 3 per year). It would be good to know where you are based to keep you posted about upcoming training opportunities. You can also consult this website for a list of upcoming training courses. In case I can help you with further information, I would be glad to do that, just let me know.

      • Liviu – I am based in the US and curious about the training being offered this Spring in Italy. What are the prerequisites and associated fees for the course

  3. […] One very interesting result of the analysis shows that Licensed Assessors who have completed an HCV lead assessor course, have a better performance ranking. That means they are less likely to have an unsatisfactory report or require two re-submissions, and have a higher satisfactory rate on first submission. So this is a word of encouragement for our first generation of licensed assessors when these courses were not yet available; do consider attending one of these courses, as it could help you and your client. All scheduled courses are listed on our website. […]

  4. I am a Senior Research Forester currently attached to NBPOL|Ramu Agri Industries in Papua New Guinea. Kindly advise any online training for interested individuals.

    kind regards