A recent workshop in Ghana, organised by the HCV Network Secretariat, Forest Peoples Programme (FPP), Solidaridad Network and the Proforest Initiative, compiled recommendations to improve the identification, management and monitoring of High Conservation Values 5 & 6.

The workshop, financially supported by the Ecosystem Alliance, was held in Accra, Ghana from April 29th 2014. The workshop allowed discussions to take place between stakeholders including: HCV assessors, companies, community representatives, NGOs and policy makers surrounding the challenges perceived when identifying, managing and monitoring HCVs 5 & 6.

The objectives of the workshop were to improve participant knowledge on the HCV approach, motivate discussions surrounding HCV and other approaches and identify specific tools that need to be created or updated.

Common challenges were identified within the three themes discussed: 1) challenges of identifying social and cultural values in different geographies and commodity contexts, 2) challenges of management practices and monitoring of social and cultural HCVs, 3) identifying differences, interactions and synergies between FPIC and HCV. Recommendations and solutions were discussed and ascribed to each challenge identified.

For more information on the challenges surrounding HCV 5 & 6 and the recommendations suggested during the workshop, please contact secretariat@hcvnetwork.org

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