Published Mar 28, 2021

Nature Positive Farming: a win-win for smallholders and nature

A new programme from the HCV Network empowers small farmers to embed ecosystem...

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Published Dec 16, 2020

The HCV Approach – the case of standards

Across the world, multiple certification schemes are using the HCV approach to strengthen...

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Published Sep 24, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Strategic HCSA-HCVRN collaboration to strengthen conservation of tropical forests and boost critical values for nature and people

24 September 2020 - HCV Resource Network (HCVRN) and the High Carbon Stock...

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coffee farmer certification
Published Jun 23, 2020

Rainforest Alliance’s revamped standard to strengthen protection of High Conservation Value areas

The HCV approach will help boost conservation and secure livelihoods in Rainforest Alliance...

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biodiversity conservation screening
Published May 20, 2020

Protecting people and nature at a bigger scale: how HCV screening can help

HCV screening can support governments and companies to begin finding out from afar...

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Published Nov 22, 2019

National Interpretations of High Conservation Values – new guide

A new guide on how to develop national/regional HCV interpretations, for use as...

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